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news/press release

Date:  4/6/2017

TRAVELING TEAMS AT ACCURATE CONTROLS, INC.ľAn Interview with Mark and Shannon Tacker

How did you hear about Accurate Controls?

I found out about Accurate controls while working at a job site in Oconee county South Carolina. I had signed on as a field technician for a technical staffing company to pull door wires for a small subcontracting company. I saw an Accurate Controls van in the parking lot and saw that it was from Wisconsin. I said to myself, "Wisconsin? Who the heck is all the way down here from Wisconsin?" I was intrigued and took a picture of the lettered door on the van as I have sometimes done in the past as a way to keep a keen eye out for work, for when the inevitable time comes that a temporary project such as the one on which I was working, has ended. I called the office in Ripon and spoke with Dave Neper and, well one thing led to another and here I am.

Once I came in for an interview, I was meeting with T.J. and told him that my wife supported my "road warrior" type traveling for different projects around the country, which prompted him to ask what she did for a living and I told him that in fact she had just been laid off. He broached the idea of us becoming a husband and wife team. Once again I was intrigued. And the rest is history, as they say.

I like to tell people that I "went to Wisconsin to get a job, and came back with two". We are both very happy to be working together.

What were your careers before working for ACI?
I was a telecommunications technician with a background in structured cabling, interconnect telephone work, and have been a telecommunications coordinator for Atlanta Medical Center as well as a telecommunications analyst for an energy trading company in Buckhead, Georgia outside of Atlanta. I have worked in 36 states and two countries.

Shannon was in the health care industry in a management capacity. She supervised a staff of 26 employees positioned in 15 hospitals in 3 states.

What have you found most enjoyable about working together on the road?
Shannon and I have always enjoyed traveling together, it never really mattered where that destination was. We have two grown children and have raised our family together and now our children are on their own, and we are alone again and still enjoy traveling together, now more than ever. After having just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, I can honestly say that home, to me is wherever she is. We love seeing new places and even familiar ones again. However, the most enjoyable thing about working together on the road is simple; its just "being together". We view our travels for ACI and each of the different projects that we do for them as a great adventure. Really we do. And as always, we cant wait to see where we will be asked to go next. Also we travel with our little Yorkie dog, which actually works out pretty well.

What would you say to other couples thinking about this career and lifestyle?
We would encourage them to consider a career with ACI. Accurate Controls is a fantastic company to work for. The people are great. They take good care of us, and they always want to make sure that we are happy and comfortable. They also make us feel appreciated, which is a rarity these days. We also feel like our work is important work. We challenge ourselves every single day and are constantly honing our skills. We know we are ambassadors for our company, and we are proud of the work that we do and of the company that we represent.

What are your interests outside of work and how have you been able to maintain them on the road?
I love to collect vinyl records. Traveling gives me an opportunity to scour local record stores for treasures and it makes me very happy each and every time I find one. I have a Bluetooth record player and speakers which are portable and its really pretty easy to play my music on the road, just like if I were at home.

Shannon has always enjoyed photography.  And since we always try and take the time to see the sights along the way, whether it be a local state park or a national landmark, there are plenty of great opportunities for her to find things to photograph. Recently she photographed Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

What is the most interesting thing you have seen while traveling the country?
It would be hard to name just one thing really. We have seen herds of Bison, Bald Eagles, cute little Prairie Dogs, Pronged Horn Antelope and have met lots of friendly and interesting people whom we stay in touch with. We make new friends in every town we work in, since we end up being there for some period of time.

Shannon Tacker was born in Carrollton, Georgia and Mark Tacker was born in Memphis, Tennessee. They have two children, Jennifer, 29 yrs old and Aaron, 22 years old and one grandson, Jude, 7 years old.



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