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non proprietary

A truly non-proprietary, integrated security system is less expensive to install, maintain and repair. This is because non-proprietary systems are not owned by the manufacturers/integrators that created them, but by the facilities that purchase them. A non-proprietary security system is made up of all non-proprietary components and software. This makes it easy for multiple third parties to install, maintain and service the security systems at a lower cost.

To be considered non-proprietary, the products, software and technical training/assistance must be available through multiple wholesale distributors, dealers and developers. If any element of a system is proprietary in nature, it requires the owner to return to the manufacturer/integrator to make necessary changes and repairs. This is typically very costly!

Characteristics of a Non-proprietary Security System

• All components and parts are non-proprietary

• All software is non-proprietary

• All facets of the system can be maintained, repaired or replaced by multiple third-party providers

Benefits of a Non-proprietary Security System

• Owner of the system is not tied to the manufacturer for service, repair and installation – driving down costs

• Replacement parts are less expensive and readily available

• System software is easily modified by multiple third parties

• Security system is open-ended. It is simple to add to the system in the future

• Maintenance and repairs of the security system are easily completed by a facility's local contractor – saving money and time

Non-proprietary Security System Software

Ensure the software that drives your system is also non-proprietary. It often is not! Before selecting your security system, you should ask the integrator/manufacturer how the software is developed. Find out if the integrator uses the programming methods developed by the producer of the non-proprietary software, or if the integrator develops its own “logic” and embeds its own logic into the non-proprietary software. When integrators develop and embed their own logic, and that logic points to functions within the system, that makes the entire security system a proprietary system. It is critical that the facility becomes the owner of all the software, and at the end of the project, receives all source codes, software licenses and schedules used for programming.


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